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Алексей, к сожалению, вы не прикрепили скриншота, поэтому мне сложно понять в чем именно проблема и в каком браузере. Когда я открываю страницу, всё выглядит хорошо.

Вы не могли бы уточнить детали проблемы или прикрепить скриншот?


Hey Carlo,

Thanks for the idea. I totally agree. At this point, I'm working on the completing of the design patterns section. But once it's done, I'll consider switching to unit testing topic.

Если вы про паттерны, то работа в процессе, всё будет.

Thanks for reporting this. It's rather a bug in example. We'll upload the fix later this week.

Добрый день!

Спасибо за ваш отзыв. Не могли бы вы уточнить какое именно тестирование имеете в виду?

Добрый день!

Проблема исправлена, извините за неудобства. Почистите кеш браузера, если не заметите изменений.

Here's analogy: you work on the 20th floor, but the dining room is on 3rd floor. It's fine to take a 2-minute elevator ride once a day on a lunch break. However, if the only coffee machine is also there, you will have to spend hours riding back and forth each time you commit your code.

Jokes aside, here are 2 stackoverflow threads, where you can get in-depth answer:

As with all things in programming you have to balance performance cost with with any benefit gained. But I'd say if you're not running this code in a loop, don't worry about the performance.